Classroom News

Classroom News

November 1, 2015

We survived all of the sugar and fun that Halloween brought to us last week!  

Thanks for handing in your available times for conferences. Notes will be coming home soon to tell you the date and time of our conference. 

Math-- We are in to Unit 3. We have been working with problems with unknown partners but still using our counting on strategy to figure it out.  We are starting subtraction strategies this week.  

Reader's Workshop-- We are finishing up our first unit in reading.  We have been working on good reading habits while building up our stamina.  Partner reading is a challenge for us, but we are working hard at it.  I am done with the reading assessment, so groups will change and students will be getting some new books at their reading level.  Students should be reading a little every night.  

Writer's Workshop--  We finished up our narrative writing unit. This week, we are working on editing our story and having a fancy up day! We will then share our stories to the class.  The students worked very hard to make their writing better and I am very proud of them!  Our next unit is a nonfiction unit, and we will start with writing How-to stories. 

Some exciting news in our room this past week: We got a Starboard!  It's an interactive board that incorporates technology! It's so cool and does lots of things I haven't discovered yet! We have used it for math so far and we all love it!  Thanks to MPSD for getting one for our classroom! 

Check back here every couple of weeks to read about the happenings in first grade!  Thanks for supporting your child's education!