Subject Updates
Students are currently working in Unit 8 which is geometry.  They are learning the different types of angles and how to measure them with a protractor. They will learn how to identify a shape by its specific attributes and how to identify the different types of triangles. 

Reading and Writing
Students will be back working with informational text for the next few weeks.  We will be integrating social studies curriculum on lumberjacks for the reading material. The strategies they learned in second quarter will be applied to help them better understand the new knowledge. 

We are finishing up writing their historical fiction narratives that tied in with our reading unit.  These will be uploaded to my website under the "Resources" link.  Take some time to read what our great authors wrote.  

Students are currently working on our Rocks and Minerals unit. Students have green vocabulary cards for this unit.  They should be studying them at least twice a week at home.  The cards should be kept in their backpack.  Students will conduct many experiments in this unit.  They will work like geologists to understand what ingredients are in the mock rocks, how to perform a hardness test, and whether or not a rock contains the mineral calcite. 

Social Studies
During Social Studies students continue to learn about the reasons for the Revolutionary War and how France helped us win our freedom.  Students will also learn what pioneer life was like in early Wisconsin.

Students have new lumberjack vocabulary cards they should be studying at least twice a week.