Subject Updates
We have completed all the math units for this year.  Students are working on applying what they learned in the geometry unit to create tessellations.  These are posted outside our classroom. Students also worked with pentominoes and will try to solve building block puzzles using their math problem solving. 

Reading and Writing
Students are using their knowledge of reading informational text to research a state park.  They will then use what they learned about writing an expository piece to take their notes and create an essay about their state park. 

We are finishing up our poetry unit by creating a personalized book of the poems each student wrote.  These books will be keepsakes for them to take home and be a reminder of their writing abilities as ten year olds.

We will end the year reading two different novels in book clubs and work on our literature based reading skills.  

Students will take the Rock and Mineral test on May 15th.  We will then end the year with a modified unit on magnets and electricity. Students will again have green vocabulary cards to study so ask about them at home. 

Social Studies
During Social Studies we will be finishing the year learning about the reasons immigrants came to America and why they settled in Wisconsin.  Talk to your child about where their ancestors are from and who they are descended from.  This keeps your family history alive.