Subject Updates
We have completed all the math units for this year.  We are using our math time to work on some extra science and social studies lessons. 

Reading and Writing
Students are currently in one of two book clubs.  They are working on using the strategies and signposts they have learned this year to develop deeper discussions in their book clubs. 

Students have finished writing their expository papers on their National Parks.  They used the techniques learned on how to read informational text to take proper detailed notes.  Then they used the strategies learned to write an expository paper to teach us the facts and information they learned about their park. 

Students will spend the end of the year learning about magnets and electricity.  There will be several hands on experiments to understand how magnets work, and to build a circuit to run motors and light bulbs.  This unit has been shortened, the test will be modified.  I did not make green vocabulary cards because of that. 

Social Studies
During Social Studies we will be finishing the year learning about the reasons immigrants came to America and why they settled in Wisconsin.  Talk to your child about where their ancestors are from and who they are descended from.  This keeps your family history alive.