Subject Updates
We will start the fourth grade year reading and writing larger numbers.  Students will demonstrate they understand the value of digit based on its place in a number by rounding numbers and determining which number is greater or lesser in value than another.

Reading and Writing
Students will start the year building skills for reading fiction books. Students will learn strategies to notice and note techniques an author uses such as "Words to the Wiser", "Tough Questions", "Aha Moments", "Again and Again", "Memory Moments", and "Contrast and Contradictions".  These techniques help the author create the mood, theme, and development of the characters so the reader can connect to the story. 

We will use these techniques learned in narrative reading as well as others to create a narrative writing.  Students will learn how to develop the setting and characters so the reader feels that they are apart of the story.  

Students will begin the year learning about how their brain learns. Understanding why I teach the way I do to tap the five memory lanes, will help improve student's learning.  

We will then begin to learn about how to take care of our bodies and teeth to live healthy lives. 

Social Studies
Our first several weeks of social studies will involve reviewing third grade mapping skills by learning about important places, bodies of water, and historical points of interest in Wisconsin.  Knowing where these are will create a better understanding as we progress through the year learning about the history of Wisconsin.  Students will need to be able to find these places on a map:
Lake Michigan
Lake Superior
Lake Winnebago
Mississippi River
Wisconsin River
Fox River
St. Croix River
Bay of Green Bay
Chequamegon Bay
Green Bay