Subject Updates
We are currently working on mastering long division.  The students have three different strategies they can use to help them solve the calculations.  Students really need to work on their facts.  they all have green multiplication cards.  They should be practicing these facts at least 3 times per week to become proficient on them. 

Reading and Writing
Students have begun to learn strategies to help them be stronger informational text readers.  They are learning how to ask themselves 3 Big Questions as well as look for sign posts as they read.

After Thanksgiving we will learn techniques for writing an informational text paper.  Students will learn how to write an introduction and develop three supportive paragraphs with statistics, anecdotes, quotes, amazing facts, and descriptions.  They will learn how to wrap up their paper with a conclusion that summarizes what they were sharing. 

Students are currently learning how our bones, joints, and muscles work together to move our body.  The students are learning about 21 bone names.  Ask them to share what they have learned so far. 

Social Studies
The students will use their mapping skills and understanding of places in Wisconsin to learn about the five different regions in Wisconsin.  Although we are one state, landforms and crops grown are very different throughout the five regions.