Subject Updates
Unit 8 is all about Geometry.  Students are learning the difference between intersecting lines, perpendicular lines, and parallel lines.  They have learned the three types of angles and how to identify triangles.  Students used a protractor to measure angles, and have learned how to draw angles to a certain degree and prove it.  They will also learn different attributes for two dimensional shapes. 

Reading and Writing
Students are now back to working on reading skills and strategies dealing with informational text.  We are using our social studies immigration unit as the text.  Students are learning why and how people came to America.  They are learning about Ellis Island and how immigrants were processed through.  Students will also learn what it means to be an American citizen, and how to become one if you are not. 

We just finished our poetry unit.  Students learned how to write several different types of poems.  They created a collection of poems in a keepsake book they will bring home soon.  

We are now working on our rock and mineral unit.  Students now have green science vocabulary cards in their backpack to study at home and at school.  They should be studying these cards at least twice a week at home. 

Social Studies
Our unit on the Revolutionary War and its impact on Wisconsin will give students the background on how Wisconsin became a state. . Students will also learn what it was like to be a pioneer living in early Wisconsin, and why people were willing to take the risk and travel to the wilderness for a better opportunity.