Subject Updates
We will finish our chapter on multiplying multi-digit numbers at the end of October.  Unit 3 is all about long division.   Students will learn several different strategies to solve the long division problems.  Please do not teach them the standard algorithm.  That is not taught until 5th grade. 

Reading and Writing
Students will continue to apply the strategies to notice and note techniques an author uses such as "Words to the Wiser", "Tough Questions", "Aha Moments", "Again and Again", "Memory Moments", and "Contrast and Contradictions".  These techniques help the author create the mood, theme, and development of the characters so the reader can connect to the story. Students will also identify story elements by reading myths and fables. 

Students will now apply the techniques learned to create a narrative writing piece on their own.  These pieces may be about a personal experience or a created story with characters who have a problem that needs to be solved.  

Students will finish the unit on taking care of their bodies as we near the end of October.  We will know learn how our bones, joints, and muscles work together to move our body.  The students are learning about 21 bone names.  Ask them to share what they have learned so far. 

Social Studies
The students will use their mapping skills and understanding of places in Wisconsin to learn about the five different regions in Wisconsin.  Although we are one state, landforms and crops grown are very different throughout the five regions.