Subject Updates
Students are currently working on Unit 6 and 7 which are both about fractions.  They are learning how to write unit fractions as sums and products, how to add and subtract fractions, and how to compare fractions.  They will also work with equivalent fractions and learn how to simply fractions.  Lastly students will understand how fractions and decimals are related, and use fraction data on a line plot. 

Reading and Writing
Students are almost done reading the story, City of Orphans, which takes place in New York City in the year 1893.  Students have learned how facts and information from the actual events in history can help them understand what the characters are going through and how the factual information can affect the mood of a story. They are working on their reading skills of determining a character's traits, analyzing other characters' perspectives, and determining the themes in the story.   

We are currently learning how expository and persuasive writing are very similar.  Students will use facts and information to write a persuasive letter to their parents.  

Students are currently working on our Rocks and Minerals unit. Students have green vocabulary cards for this unit.  They should be studying them at least twice a week at home.  The cards should be kept in their backpack.  Students will conduct many experiments in this unit.  They will work like geologists to understand what ingredients are in the mock rocks, how to perform a hardness test, and whether or not a rock contains the mineral calcite. 

Social Studies
Students will move into a unit about the causes of the Revolutionary War and what life was like for a pioneer living in the Wisconsin territory.  This factual information is key to understanding why our Founding Fathers formed our government with checks and balances.