Useful Links

This site will ask you to read and reflect on assigned articles.
Scoot Pad
This is a practice site for students to individually practice CCSS math skills and follow their progress.
Equation practice
This site allows you to practice computing equations at various levels.
Math Play
This site has a variety of interactive games for every area of our math curriculum.
Hooda Math
Interactive math games
Cops and Robbers
Practice your understanding of coordinate pairs while trying to find the robber. This site has different levels of difficulty to challenge you!
Various games for practice with fractions.
Games and worksheets
Choose from a variety of skills to play, and you could even print a worksheet if you want.
Everyday Math
This site is set up to follow the Everyday Math series. We no longer use this resource in the classroom, but this site has many games that fit the fifth grade Common Core State Standards.
Social Studies
Information of 50 States
This site allows you to select and browse any our our 50 states for information.
Interactive USA Geography
Practice the names and placement of states and capitals.
Go West Across America with Lewis and Clark
Travel along with Lewis and Clark in this simulation of their journey.
Stike it Rich
Learn about and choose a person to travel to California to find gold.
Simple Machines
Explore simple machines found in a house and shed.
Spelling and Vocabulary
Various games to choose from to practice spelling and vocabulary.
Interactive writing lessons
Site allows student to choose from a variety of interactive writing activities.
Vocabulary-Math-Language-Science-Humanities Practice
This site allows you to choose a category to play. For each answer correct, the site will donate 10 grains of rice to the United States World Food Program.
World Book research site
Tool to help students gather information for research projects.