Classroom News

Welcome to Super 2nd Grade at Monroe Elementary! image

Dear Parents and Guardians, 

            The second graders will  be enjoying learning all about air & weather in  our first unit of science.   I look forward to working with you to provide your child the best education possible for his or her second grade year!

       This letter highlights some of the special things we will be doing in our second grade classroom and should help smooth the transition into the new school year.   Please feel free to contact me at any time if you have a question, concern, or other information to share (920) 663-9836 or I feel that communication between home and school is very important for everyone.

Daily  Home Folder - Each child has selected one of his or her folders as a take Home Folder that will come home daily. Please ask your child to show you what is in the folder. Please remove the papers that are in the folder each night. The daily "Home Folder" might have completed assignments, homework, schoolwork that needs to be finished at home, or important notes. However, some nights your child may not have anything in their folder. Please help to make sure the folder comes back each day.  :) 

*Reading Folder Program:  Your child will be bringing his or her reading folder &  "good fit"  book(s) home every day with his or her reading log.  S/He should read the book that is included in the folder at least twice to or with an adult.      {Please help  your second grader to record ANY reading time done at home  on  his /her reading log to work toward building  his/her reading skills and stamina.)

Library Books & ReadingOur class will be going to the library at least once a week to check out library books.  We encourage your child to select one book that's a "read to self" book and another book that might be a good "read with someone" book.  (Please understand that we are unable to monitor this specifically with each student each time we get new books.  We encourage the children to self monitor their own book choices and levels.  Please let me know if you notice a pattern that might not be a "good fit" and we can give extra support as needed. ) Often times the second graders want to choose books that might be super interesting but a bit challenging for them to read alone so we encourage you to help support them when they are enjoying these books. Thank you! 

*Math Homework Page:   Second graders will often have a math "Homework" page to complete at home that reviews or reinforces the key concepts  This should only take your second grader about 15 minutes (in a distraction free study area)  to complete and show what s/he knows about specific math concepts.

    Reading and math homework are an opportunity for adults at home to monitor their child’s  learning on a daily basis. It also helps to keep home and school connected with the key concepts that your child is learning.

Friday Envelopes – Friday envelopes will be sent home each Friday with student work, permission slips, book orders, reminder notes, or other important papers from school. Please look over this material carefully, sign and return any necessary papers. Please return the envelope to school every Monday.

       Lifelong learning is vital in our ever changing world today!  I am so fortunate to work with such an awesome group of second graders with parents and guardians that support their learning at school and at home! Thank You!


Mrs. Patti Maala
 (920) 663-9836
Monroe Mustang